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plate with nickel

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  Coating a layer of metal on the surface of diamond can endow diamond with many new characteristics, such as improving the strength of diamond, the interface bonding ability between diamond and substrate, oxygen isolation protection, reducing the thermal damage degree of diamond, improving the physical and chemical properties of the interface between diamond and substrate, and improving the wear resistance and cutting ability of diamond tools. The plating metal is generally nickel, copper, silver and alloy. The plating method is usually electroless plating or electroless plating followed by electroplating.

  Nickel plated diamond originated in the 1980s in China. When the diamond was plated with polished nickel, it was found that there was a steamed bread like protrusion on the surface of polished nickel plated diamond, with a small thorn in the middle. Nickel plated diamond and ordinary nickel plated diamond are used in resin bonded abrasives. The difference is that the holding force of nickel plated diamond in resin bonded abrasives is far greater than that of ordinary nickel plated diamond, and the grinding effect is also significantly better than that of the latter. The application of nickel stabbed diamond in resin bonded abrasives not only improves the holding force, but also improves the cooling conditions of the diamond, improves the utilization rate of the diamond, and effectively improves the service life of the abrasives and the quality of the workpiece to be ground.