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Hardware tools seek development with the progress of science and technology and constantly expand the application field of diamond

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  Hardware tools refer to all kinds of metal devices made of iron, steel, aluminum and other metals through forging, calendering, cutting and other physical processing. Hardware tools can be divided into tool hardware, construction hardware, daily hardware, lock grinding tools, kitchen and bathroom hardware, home hardware and hardware parts.

  Hardware tools include all kinds of manual, electric, pneumatic, cutting tools, auto protection tools, agricultural tools, lifting tools, measuring tools, tool machinery, cutting tools, fixtures, cutting tools, molds, cutting tools, grinding wheels, drills, polishing machines, tool accessories, measuring tools, cutting tools, abrasives, etc.

  Due to the rapid development of production technology and the rise of labor price, the developed countries in Europe and the United States have transferred the general products to the developing countries. They only produce high value-added products. And China has a strong market potential, so it is more conducive to its development as a hardware processing export power. China's hardware market is mainly distributed in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Guangdong and Shandong, especially in Zhejiang and Guangdong.

  Although all kinds of hardware tools produced in our country have been widely used in various industries and achieved remarkable economic benefits. However, there is still a certain gap between its technical level and foreign similar products. Vigorously develop the hardware tool industry, pay close attention to the development of new products and new technology, speed up the development of China's hardware tool industry, and improve the economic efficiency and overall technical level.

  At present, the leading role of the whole hardware tool industry is not strong. The leading enterprises in the hardware tool industry have no obvious advantages in the domestic and foreign market technology and the overall competitiveness of the industry. Moreover, the ability of technological innovation is weak, and the market structure is too single. The main business of hardware tools comes from foreign trade orders, and the dependence on export is too high. Under the influence of the economic crisis caused by the international financial crisis, the export market of these enterprises has shrunk sharply, which has posed a serious threat to their survival and development, and the brand building is relatively backward. Most hardware tools enterprises rely on OEM production, lack of visibility and core competitiveness.

  Therefore, China's hardware tool industry must increase investment, pay close attention to the development of new products and the promotion of new technology and new technology, constantly broaden the application field of diamond, improve the overall technical level and market competitiveness of hardware tool industry, and strive for survival by variety and quality, and development by scientific and technological progress.